Careers and vacancies at Three Rivers

Careers as a Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurses work alongside Veterinary Surgeons to provide a high standard of medical and nursing care to all patients. The job involves hard work, commitment and a love of animals but is a challenging and rewarding career.

Typical duties include holding animals for examination by a Veterinary Surgeon, collecting samples such as blood and urine for diagnostic examination, and nursing patients who are hospitalised with illness or after surgery. The job provides a superb opportunity for people wishing to work closely with pets and their owners.

We are an official Training Practice which enables us to train students wishing to gain the Veterinary Nurse Qualification. Sharon Constable RVN/ A1 is our assessor and is responsible for the support and training of Veterinary Nurse Students.

For more information about careers in veterinary nursing please visit the BVNA website

Careers as a Veterinary Surgeon

Veterinary surgeons are responsible for the medical and surgical care of their patients, whatever the species. It is a career with immense variety and many challenges.

Training takes a minimum of five years and involves placements at Veterinary Practices, Farms and Abattoirs to gain practical experience in addition to lectures. It requires commitment and dedication but, in return, is stimulating and exciting.

For more information about careers in veterinary surgery please visit the RCVS website

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