Nurse/Behaviour Clinics

From dental clinics to microchipping

Nurse Clinics

Senior Clinics

Clinic for senior pets. Our free senior pet clinics are underway. If your pet is over 8 years old, generally well and hasn’t seen a vet for a few months, why not come to see one of our qualified nurses for a free check up. They will give your pet a general examination, weight and dental check, a urine test and check the blood pressure for cats. Dogs and cats age at approximately 7 years for every one of our years and so an annual check over is the equivalent to not seeing a doctor for 7 years! Ring the Beccles surgery to arrange an appointment to suit you.

Appointment times:

Tuesday 3.00 – 4.40
Thursday 9.00 – 10.40
We look forward to seeing you.

We offer a variety of Nurse Clinics at all of our other surgeries. These are run by our Qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurses. The Clinics include:

Dental Clinics

The Nurse will examine your pet’s teeth and offer you advice including:

  • Whether your pet would benefit from a descale and polish under general anaesthetic
  • Explaining and demonstrating how to clean your pets teeth
  • Recommending a diet which actually cleans your pet’s teeth as they eat
  • Recommending other dental products which are effective in keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.
  • This clinic is FREE so if you suspect your pet has some dental problems or you want to ensure that you are taking the best possible care of your pet’s teeth come to this clinic.

Weight Clinics

The Nurse will examine your pet’s body condition and weigh them. They will then be able to offer you advice on:

  • What to feed
  • How much to feed
  • How much to exercise your pet
  • How to encourage more activity through games

Pets usually attend these FREE clinics every four weeks until both owner and nurse feel that the correct weight and body condition has been achieved. After this we encourage owners to come at intervals to suit them in order to ensure their pet maintains their correct weight. These clinics are usually very successful and we have even had a Regional Winner of Pet Slimmer of the Year.

Puppy Clinics

These clinics are a great may of ensuring that your dog will enjoy coming to the vets! The nurse will endeavour to make the experience a nice one for your puppy so that he associates his visit with a good experience rather than a painful one. (S)he will:

  • Weigh your puppy and advise you on whether he is the correct weight
  • Provide advise on what and how much you should be feeding
  • Apply a dose of roundworm and flea treatment
  • Help you with any difficulties you are having

It is FREE to see the nurse. The only cost incurred will be for the worm/flea treatment.

Flea Treatment and Worming Clinics

If you would like advice on how to effectively prevent your pet from suffering from fleas and worms or on how to treat them, then come to this clinic. The nurse will examine your pet, advise you on a suitable treatment and can also help you to administer the treatment. It is FREE to see the nurse. The only cost incurred will be for the flea or worm treatment you buy.


A microchip can be inserted by either a Vet or a Veterinary Nurse. We thoroughly recommend that pets do have an ID chip as we have often found them invaluable in reuniting a lost pet with their owner. The chip is about the size of a small grain of rice and in inserted under the pet’s skin in the area at the base of their neck. Each chip contains a unique number. The contact details of the pet’s owner are supplied to a central register together with the pet’s ID chip number. When a stray animal is brought in to us hurt or lost we will immediately scan them for an ID chip. When we find a number we can contact the register and be given the owners name, address and phone number. In this way an owner can be reunited with their missing pet very fast.

Inserting a microchip is a quick procedure and can be done while your pet is awake. However if you are planning to get your pet neutered we can do it at the time of surgery. There is a charge for this service.

Claw Clipping

If you would like to have your pet’s claws clipped the nurse can do this for you. Or if you would like to be shown how to do it yourself she can give you a lesson. There is a charge for this service.

Behaviour Clinics

At Three Rivers we know that a well behaved pet can really enhance your relationship with that pet. To help owners we run Puppy Classes which help with early socialisation and basic training. For more complex cases we can supply details of local pet behaviourists. If you want to discuss a behaviour problem please contact us.