Frequently asked questions

  • When we are open - Please contact the surgery that you would normally take your pets to. This is to ensure that a vet is available.During the day urgent cases will always be seen as quickly as possible, if the vet is not present at your normal surgery we may ask you to take your pet to another branch for more immediate treatment. Click here for the contact number for your branch.


    When we are closed - please see here for information on what to do.

  • House visits are only available under exceptional circumstances during normal weekday hours. There is an extra charge for house visits and for the animals benefit most conditions are better treated at the surgery where we have a full range of medication, equipment and nurse assistance. If you are without transport, many taxi firms are happy to take you and your pet to the surgery. To enquire about house visits please telephone the surgery.

  • If your pet is on long term medication you may need repeat prescriptions. In the event of your pet needing a repeat prescription of a drug please contact your surgery at least 24 hours before you need it. This is to ensure that Veterinary approval has been given for the repeat prescription, if necessary to give us time to order it and then dispense it before you arrive.


    In accordance with the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons Code of Practice for prescribing drugs we have to check all patients on long term medication at least once every 6 months. This routine health check is to ensure your pet is not suffering any adverse reactions and the dose rate and medication are still appropriate.

  • Written prescriptions for prescription only medicines can be obtained. Please contact the surgery for information about the charges for this service.


    These charges are in line with current guidelines. Medicines purchased from the practice do not require a written prescription and therefore this fee would not apply.


    Please note:


    • Written prescriptions are only valid for 1 month’s supply.


    • Your pet must be under our care for us to write a prescription.


    • Your pet must have been seen recently enough by us to comply with pharmacy laws and at least within the last 6 months. Routine check ups will be charged as a standard consultation fee.
  • We try to keep our fees reasonable and structured to provide a realistic return, enabling us to provide the highest possible standard of care for your pet. This requires the use of the best drugs available and continued investment in equipment, facilities and further training.


    We are always happy to provide an estimate before a course of treatment is started, however we cannot always assess the exact cost of treatment. In order to keep costs down we do not normally have accounts.

  • We want to be able to provide the best possible care for your pet. An unexpected treatment or long term medication for a chronic illness can be expensive. We strongly recommend pet insurance to ensure that the care for your pet does not involve difficult decisions about the cost of relevant treatments. For further information, see here.